Delivering Proven Results

Founded in 1986, GTS Group has over 33 years of quality-driven logistics and supply chain expertise throughout the commercial and U.S. Government sectors. GTS meets and exceeds your critical support needs by combining value-add services with air, ocean, charter and multi-modal capabilities. GTS’ global partner network and cloud-based PBL-Vu© platform give you the predictable reliability and control needed to exceed your customer’s expectations.

GTS supports its customer’s most challenging logistics management requirements with deep past performance. Whether operating a contract airlift program throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, or delivering a single shipment of radioactive material from the U.S. to a nuclear power station in Europe, GTS customers rely on GTS’ predictably reliable service to ensure their objectives are accomplished safely, in compliance, and ahead of schedule.

GTS Group’s experience ranges from commercial manufacturers, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors, nuclear power companies, and the U.S. Government and its prime and subcontractors. GTS has successfully managed countless programs, each with its own unique shipment and commodity requirements while protecting the financial interests of its customer base.

Past Performance

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