Mission-Driven, Proven Performance, Global Footprint & Predictable Reliability

Since 1990, GTS has operated and managed more than 3,000 live cargo sectors under Contract Cargo Airlift Programs and ad-hoc charters carrying a variety of cargos:

  • IATA Forbidden; Class 1
  • Passengers, OCONUS
  • Diplomatic Cargo
  • Sustainment Cargo
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Oversized Cargos
  • X20’ & x40’ Conex and Sea CTRs
  • Radioactive Fuel, Commercial Grade
  • Perishable Foods and Pharmaceuticals
  • Infrastructure; Construction
  • Power Grid
  • Gas & Oil equipment
  • Generators
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Cattle


Geopolitically Challenged Regions & Austere Environments

GTS operates to and within many austere and remote destinations with limited airlift service and ground support availability. Since 1990, GTS has produced and managed short and long-haul cargo flights throughout Europe, Central Asia, South America, North and East Africa, and the Middle East, including Iraq, Intra-Iraq, and Afghanistan. Every scheduled delivery has been met without incident. Through it all, GTS customers have come to trust the predictable reliability of our 97% on-time destination delivery rate with good reason. Every scheduled delivery has been successfully completed. Fewer than three percent of our flights have encountered in-transit delays. None have sustained any loss or damage.

EWC ST AWR snowlanding FRAEWC IL at BaghdadST EWC FRA 14JUL05

Mission-Driven Expertise

GTS’ mission-driven expertise in flight planning and operations, aircraft crewing, line and scheduled maintenance, load-rigging, ground handling and fueling of IL-76 and various Russian type aircraft is unparalleled. GTS’ operating expertise also includes hundreds of live sectors with the Antonov-124-100, Boeing-747-F Nose Loader, and various western-built cargo aircraft.

GTS is an expert mission-driven provider that delivers the predictable reliability and timeliness its customers demand.