Delivering Safely, On-Time and in Compliance

Safe and reliable cargo transport management support is paramount to the success of every GTS Group customer. To ensure your shipments are delivered safely, on-time and in compliance takes attention to detail, Quality Standards, proven processes, transport expertise, and follow-up and follow-through. It all starts with accurate receiving and up-front quality control measures. That’s where GTS’ Performance Based Logistics (PBL) services come in.

GTS PBL services gives you the option to drop-ship material from your suppliers directly to GTS facilities for controlled receiving and export preparation. PBL offers a range of turnkey services to support any mission, commodity, destination environment, and geopolitical climate.

PBL-Vu© is GTS’ proprietary version of a cloud-based, Purchase Order (PO), Warehouse and Inventory Management and Tracking platform.  PBL-Vu © gives customers end-to-end visibility and control over their PO’s, inventory, transport and logistics management needs.  (PBL -Vu©)  

GTS Group’s PBL Team spearheads GTS’ Value-Added service capabilities with a variety of support services and functions including:  

  • Custom crating and packaging all types and sizes
  • Diplomatic crating & tagging
  • Organize IATA & IMDG HazMat documentation, packing & crating, marking and labeling
  • Photographic history of receiving and packing & crating
  • Customer access to cloud-based PBL-Vu ©
  • Upload of customer Purchase Orders (POs) into PBL-Vu ©
  • PO Management
  • Receiving of cargo against POs
  • Electronic issuance of Confirmed Material Receipts
  • Issuance of OS&D reports
  • Bar Coding / Smart Tags
  • Inventory Control through PBL-Vu ©
  • Full export / import document ship sets retrievable through PBL-Vu ©
  • Door-to-Door ITV with PBL-Vu ©
  • In-field mobile app access to PBL-Vu ©
  • Customized reporting visible
  • Consolidation services
  • Customer on-site access for material handling, testing, bundling, and auditing
  • Kitting
  • On-site container loading
  • On-Site packing & crating
  • Long-term and short-term storage

Contact GTS to learn how GTS PBL services can enhance the efficiency, ITV, control and reporting needs of your supply chain management effort.