Hazardous Cargo...Anywhere

GTS is a company comfortable with the unusual. We have a history of embracing unique challenges that few providers want to accept. Dangerous Goods (HAZMAT) is one arena where GTS customer performance thrives. With our HAZMAT compliance program, expert knowledge, and customer focused approach, GTS transports all types of hazardous cargos between anywhere on the globe.

dangerous goods 2

GTS is well versed in handling HAZMAT cargoes including but not limited to:

Lithium batteries 

GTS continually remains current with the rapidly changing regulations governing the safe transport of lithium-ion / metal batteries. As lithium batteries become more prevalent, this knowledge helps ensure our customer’s shipping needs are met without fail.

Explosives; Class 1 / IATA Forbidden

GTS has a long history and expertise managing Class 1 Materiel (explosives). From small arms and non-lethal ammunition, to explosives and military ordinance that is “Forbidden” for commercial transport by air.

Radioactive Material (RAM)

GTS manages several different types RAM cargos including commercial grade reactor fuel, contaminated tools and equipment, radioactive sources, laboratory samples and construction / detection equipment containing radioactive sources.

Biological Samples

GTS manages the transport of perishable / hazardous biological samples across the globe. No matter the commodity or destination, GTS will create and manage a predictably reliable way to get your HAZMAT to its final location.