Land, Sea, and Sky

GTS enhances its traditional freight forwarding and value-add capabilities with Project Cargo Management, Contract Airlift / Charters, and a full menu of Value-Added logistics services.

Air freight

GTS manages the delivery of air cargo to worldwide points. We have mastered the complexities of air freight operations to and between the world’s most geopolitically challenged regions. This expertise has made GTS the preferred vendor for many corporations, government agencies, and international organizations.


Ocean Freight

GTS manages LCL, FCL, Spot Project Cargo, special equipment, break-bulk and super break-bulk project cargo, and full and part-vessel charter service. GTS knows U.S. Flag Services, including MARAD reporting requirements, RO/RO vessels for vehicles and heavy rolling stock.  We are experienced in accommodating overweight and over-dimensional cargo with our Spot Project Cargo and break-bulk services.


Contract Cargo Airlift / Charters

Since 1990, GTS has operated more than 3,000 live air cargo charter sectors between Europe, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, including intra-continent and intra-country shuttles. GTS’ experience includes ground cargo management, fuel contracts and fueling, and aircraft crewing, operations and maintenance. Cargo routinely carried includes heavy machinery, wheeled vehicles, and IATA Forbidden Class 1 & 9 material. Our customers have come to trust the predictable reliability that GTS routinely delivers.


Project Cargo Management

GTS is widely recognized as experienced and qualified to design, implement, execute and manage project cargo systems worldwide. From providing and managing support equipment and sustainment cargos, routing through non-traditional lanes, operating in challenging regions, and standing-up and maintaining reliable communication links and professional reporting, GTS is an ideal partner to companies and governments that need a creative and proven multi-modal, multi trans-border logistics management contractor.


Import Services

GTS provides import customs clearance worldwide, including every U.S. Customs port and airport. Whether by air, sea or multi-modal, our import services are tailored to meet your specific shipping requirement from door-to-door, or port-to-port.

HHG / UAB Services

GTS provides Best-in-Class import and export HHG Service by moving shipments at a cost-value that supports predictably reliable transit times, and accurate and punctual supporting information.

GTS’ ISO Communications and Service Standards ensures our customers are kept current of transit status from origin all the way through to confirmed on-hand at destination.